AIGA’s look at design over the past century


AIGA, in celebration of their centennial anniversary, has released 100 Years of Design, which addresses what design is, along with outstanding examples of design from the past one hundred years. You can even add your own comments about what design is, to be displayed on the site.


An entirely HTML/CSS animated sketch for each letter made (hopefully) every day for 26 days. Follow the link in each post to view the animation’s code. Check it out

iOS animations to inspire you

feature is a gallery of iOS user interface animations from a variety of different apps. There are tons of beautiful apps included, making it a great source of inspiration not just for animation ideas, but for iOS UI ideas in general. You can browse by pattern or component.

An animated typeface with 110 characters


Franchise, from Animography, is an animated typeface created by a single designer and 110 animators, each of whom took on the task of animating one character. Each animated glyph uses no more than 4 colors, 25 frames, and a 500x600px canvas in Adobe After Effects.

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