Ice Cream by S. Marshak illustrated by V.Lebedev


Ice Cream by S. Marshak illustrated by Vladimir Lebedev is an absolute gem, at once boldly minimalist and incredibly rich, telling the sweet, colorful story about a man who wants to eat ice cream. He buys an ice cream from the vendor, then he buys a second, a third etc… but he is still hungry. The merchant runs out of ice creams, so he calls all his colleagues to feed this strange big man. The big man eats, eats, and eats some more. The more he eats ice creams, the... Read The Rest →

The Workshop Albury


I have officially started sharing a studio space at The Workshop Albury, and am all set up at the new Swift Street office. My new desk is almost three times the size of my previous nook at home (with a lot less distractions), and I am enjoying the extra creative space. The address is 493 Swift Street Albury 2640 which is conveniently located – for lovers of good food and coffee – next to Jones the Grocer. Drop by and say hello next time you are in the area.

Circus ” Tsirkus” by S. Marshak illustrated by V.Lebedev


I have recently purchased a Estonian translation of the book Circus by S. Marshak with legendary avant-garde illustrations by Vladimir Lebedev. Lebedev was a Soviet painter and graphic artist. He became famous for his exceptional illustrations of the poems of the prominent poet and translator Samuil Marshak, such as Circus, Ice Cream, Tale About a Foolish Mouse, Moustached and Striped, Book of Many Colours, Twelve Months and Luggage. I love the colours and forms of his illustrations and hope to collect them all!

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